Up-Front Pricing

Up-Front Pricing

No Per-Form Pricing, No Catch, No Hidden Fees.

Over 90% of our clients qualify for our GLOBAL Pricing.

$99 Upload

Download our App, fill out your profile and take pics of your documents.
Sign, right through your phone.
We’ll email you the return.

$99 Drop-Off

Stop by the office, drop off your documents.
We’ll call you when they are done.
We now have a Secure 24-hour Drop-Box in our Auburn location.

$129 Consult

Sit with a Pro*
Schedule a One hour sit down Consult in one of our offices and we’ll prepare your return while you wait.

What’s Included

✔ Fed/State E-filed

✔ Individual/Joint.

✔ W2s Wages – Unlimited

✔ Retirement Income

✔ 1099R, 1099DIV

✔ Itemized Deductions

✔ Tuition/College Expenses

✔ Claiming dependents

✔ Expenses

✔ Itemized Deductions

✔ Tuition/College Expenses

✔ Claiming dependents

✔ Expenses

When It Costs More:


Small Bus./Sole Prop. (Schedule C) $100
Rental Property Schedule E $100
Cancellation of Debt 1099C $25
Due Diligence Requirements EIC $20 Per qualifying child
Pay-By Refund $50
Additional States $50 per state
Sale of Business/Real Estate $ Will be determined prior to start
Excessive Stock Sale Reporting $ Will be determined prior to start
Trusts and Gift Tax Returns Vary based on complexity

Small Bus./Sole Prop. (Schedule C): $100

Rental Property Schedule E: $100
Cancellation of Debt 1099C: $25
Due Diligence Requirements EIC: $20 Per qualifying child
Pay-By Refund: $50
Additional States: $50 per state
Sale of Business/Real Estate: $ Will be determined prior to start
Excessive Stock Sale Reporting:  $ Will be determined prior to start
Trusts and Gift Tax Returns: Vary based on complexity

Prices for LLC’s, Partnerships, Corporate Returns start at $599, call for details

Our pricing includes Individual & Joint personal returns filed on all 1040’s Federal and 1 State filing, E-filed with a printed & an emailed copy to you. We do not charge per form or time. IF there is an adjustment from our basic price, we will make every effort to inform you of any price increase before we start. We are always going to try to do the right thing. We will make every attempt to obtain an accurate picture of your tax situation to ensure you receive an accurate up front pricing. If in the course of processing your return, information is discovered that was not previously known, either by omission or oversight, that would necessitate additional costs from the up-front price quote, we will inform you as soon as It is discovered and disclose any additional cost immediately. If as a result of the discovery and price adjustment, you decide not to continue with the processing of your return we will return your documents and stop processing. You are of NO obligation to continue. You may elect to stop the process and will NOT be responsible for any payment for services rendered. Should you decide to continue with the process, the adjusted price will be reflected.
*In the event your return can not be completed within the initial meeting due to missing or incomplete information, requiring additional forms to be submitted at future time either by drop off or electronic submission, The meeting shall still be subject to Sit with a Pro pricing.


Tax Season doesn’t have to be a headache for you anymore. We offer quick, convenient tax services that will ensure that your returns go smoothly and grant you much needed peace of mind. If you’re in need of accounting or tax services, please give us a call.